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Security Storage Cabinets

series: SM

grade: A;B;C


NATO A, B, C Grades 700 500 500
1000 700 500
1500 700 500
1850 700 500
1850 1000 500

* Inner dimensions, weight and volume depend on the class of the cabinet (class A, B or C)

The product line is designed according to NATO standards: A, B and С depending on the wall thickness and the type of locks. Class A Confidential, Class B Secret, Class C Top Secret
Designed for storage of documents in the office.
Welded metal construction.
3 live-locking bolts.
Equipped with an inner safe with a lock from EUROLocks and four shelves;
Enhanced inner hinges with door opening to 90 degrees.
Equipped with different locks: Class A (Confidential) key lock class A, Class B (Secret) key lock class B + mechanical combinational lock S&G 8550, Class C (Top Secret) key lock class B + mechanical combinational lock S&G 8560
Color: RAL 7024 (grey graphite), also available in RAL 7035 (light grey).